How do I select categories of my Business listing?

Choose the category that best describes and matches to your business. Categories are not keywords and should describe your business as a whole, so keep in mind you shouldn’t add multiple categories as a list of all your products and services.

First category is always your primary and should describe your business as well as possible.

Example 1. Primary category: “Pizza restaurant”, Yoys may show your business listing in local search results to customers who search for “Restaurants”, “Pizza” od “Italian restaurants”.

Example 2. Grocery store that includes deli and pharmacy. Primary category should be “Grocery store”, “Deli” and “Pharmacy” as additional.

Add or edit categories:

  1. Go to the Dashboard and select desired business listing.
  2. Click Sector & Keywords in the left menu
  3. Start typing in input field “Find business categories
  4. Select desired categories from dropdown list
  5. Click Save button