Master Multivitamin Complete Plant Based Formula for Immunity Heart Liver & Brain Support

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Master Multi-Vitamin: The #1 Complete Plant-Based Formula for Strong Immunity, Cardiovascular, Liver & Brain Support with over 39 Essential Trace Minerals for Optimum Health!

Master Multi-Vitamin is a Plant-Based, scientifically formulated blend of organic essential nutrients to support your immune system, heart, brain, liver, and other aspects.

The Master Multi-Vitamin blend features meticulously processed, standardized nutrients, preserving their natural form and activity. It is the ultimate solution for achieving and sustaining optimal health while enhancing immunity.

Master Multi-Vitamin is Kosher certified, Gluten, Soy, and GMO-FREE. It also contains 39 trace minerals necessary for supporting optimal physiological functions and a variety of powerful and natural phytonutrients that help promote optimal functioning and harmony among the body's organs and glands. It supports the body's cellular health and well-being without compromising dietary preferences or restrictions.

SKU: MAS2075