10000psi Wireline BOP and Lubricators for sale

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Lubricator & riser sections are pressure retaining cylinders used during well intervention operations, for tool deployment. Sections can be made-up together with an appropriate sealing device, to form an effectual operating height to retain the tool string complete with sub-surface deployment tool(s) being run or Retrieved from the well.


The TIS lubricator and riser section range is available with the following options :

  • 3.00”ID to 9.00” ID through bores
  • 3ft to 20ft length options
  • 5,000 Psi, 10,000 Psi and 15,000 Psi working pressures
  • Standard or sour service
  • Service temperature range of -29 to +121 °C
  • Choice of quick union or API flanged connections
  • Choice of bleed port connections
Technical Features
  • On conventional lubricators, the component parts are screwed together by means of a special TIS acme connection, which has a primary o-ring seal and secondary metal to metal seal
  • On integral type lubricators, the quick union collars can be very quickly and easily removed for cleaning, inspection, etc
  • Integral lubricator sections can also be provided with an optional full re-cut facility on quick union connections