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A pool pump with variable speed capability may run at various rates. According to the volume of water it needs to move and the size of your pool, it may operate at various speeds. As a consequence, your equipment will last longer, make less noise, and use less energy. For in-ground pools, spas, and hot tubs with capacities up to 50,000 gallons (189 m3), Pentair SuperFlo® VS variable speed pumps are the ideal choice. They include an inbuilt flow meter that automatically modifies output in accordance with water flow needs, saving you money and maintaining the cleanliness and comfort of your pool.

Efficiency of Energy

The most energy-efficient pool pump available is the SuperFlo VS variable speed pump. In comparison to conventional pumps, it can use up to 50% less power, saving you money and lowering your carbon impact.
With an Energy Efficiency Rating (EER) of up to 4.5 stars, the SuperFlo VS variable speed pool pump is more efficient than 90% of all pool pumps now available on the market. By using this motor instead of an outdated standard-speed one, you may save hundreds or even thousands of dollars annually. \
Permanent magnet synchronous (PMS), induction motor (IM), shaded pole, and wound rotor induction are the four basic motor types utilized in swimming pool pumps (WR). Whilst each kind has advantages and disadvantages, PMS motors are typically regarded as being preferable because of their excellent efficiency ratings and low noise levels when compared to other types.

SuperFlo® VS Design by Pentair

With a variety of functions to suit your needs, the Pentair SuperFlo® VS variable speed pool pump is a high-performing, energy-efficient device. You may swim in peace and quiet because it operates quietly and has adjustable flow rates and speed settings.

Tools and materials required for installation:

A screwdriver A socket set or wrench (1/2-inch drive)
Instructions for Installation in Steps:

1. When the SuperFlo® VS pump has been unpacked, inspect it for damage and take off any packaging from the motor or housing. Save all packing components in case you need to exchange or return a product. Call Pentair customer support at once at 1-800-831-9757 if there is any damage so they can assist in resolving any concerns before installation starts. \
2. Disconnect the electrical connection wires from the motor enclosure's terminals on either side, then loosen each hose clamp with pliers and remove the hoses attached to the ports on those opposite sides. Finally, use a wrench/socket set (1/2" drive) to remove the bolts holding down the electrical wire bracket assembly inside the enclosure. To remove the cover plate over the switch box within the enclosure, carefully lift up the entire assembly while pushing away from the wall behind it. This will prevent any wires from becoming tangled under the bracket (this will allow access later).

Repair and Maintenance

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