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Cas No.:15630-89-4

Molecular formula: 2Na2CO33H2O2
molecular weight: 314.02
Packing: 25kgs PP bags or 1000kgs jumbo bags

Easily soluble in water, good stability; it is white powder or granular crystal.
1. It is non-toxic, odorless, no polluting, good bleaching effect; good solubility in water
2. Good performance, good compatibility; can be mixed with other aids
3. Good stability, long shelf life.


Widely used in detergents aids or in bleaching agents;
As bleaching agent, dyeing & finish agent in textiles industry;
As bleaching agent of pulp in paper-making industry;
As disinfectant of dishware or in the surface treatment of metals;
In food additives, can prolong the shelf life of fruit.

Avoid high temperature or moisture